GT4 hanging after warning/disclaimer
Back before 0.9.7 beta was out I followed a thread here that provided instructions on how to get Gt4 running on 0.9.6. I've Got it running and it played perfectly, but since then it's been a couple years and Checking the compatibility list I see that gt4 is now "playable" but I'm hanging as soon as the Disclaimer/Warning text goes away.

I've waited for 20 minutes and nothing changed...
I recall using a patch to get GT4 to skip certain things in the beginning, but do I still need that for the newer (0.9.7) version?

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Double post edit...

Nvm. I figured that you need to use the patch still to get it to run. (patch here)

install as cheat and enable cheats.

This a great build, been playing for an hour now and ~30 to max FPS all around!

AMD phenom II 940 @3ghz
4gb DDR2 ram
HD 4850

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