GT4 in 1080i equals too big of a resolution, but..
As the title says when you select 1080i IN-GAME via the in-game options when using GSDX half the screen is missing and you can't see it, as if it goes off the screen. However, there is a Gradius 3 2x interlace fix using ZeroGS. I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to take that HEX fix for that problem from ZeroGS and have it as, say, a .pnach file for when using GSDX? Would love to know a fix for this Smile


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Anyone? Smile

I know about the problem but fixing it isn't easy (as usual with GSdx).
Since games don't really need this and since it's a bad idea to do in GT4 anyway, we've dismissed it for now.
That's a shame Sad The game looked pretty nice when in 1080i mode to my eyes, but i guess i was seeing incorrectly. I wish it could have been fixed, but oh well! Thank you anyway sir.

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