GT4 minor display issues
Hi All,

I hadn't built a new computer in a long time, but I just built a new Skylake i3 3.7 that has an AMD 7870 graphics card.  I own a PS2 slim, which I basically use for playing some DVDs and Gran Turismo 4.

First off, my compliments on the graphics rendering.  Using the standard GS plugin with settings at 1080p max, it almost looks as good as GT5 for PS3.  Today I setup my PS2 and ran it at 1080i, which GT4 supports, and it looks nowhere near as good on my 1080p TV.  You guys have spoiled me and now I have to run my GT4 on the emulator.

The widescreen hack worked so everything looks good on my 16:9 display.

Two complaints:

First off, I tried and tried and tried to get the emulator to display correctly using the GT4 display setting for 480p or 1080i.  And they both just render visual static.  Like I said, I was pleased once I saw that standard 480i rendered by the emu to 1080p is gorgeous, but I am wondering if you guys could hack it to work in either 480p or 1080i, I am wondering what it would look like then.  My system is barely breaking a sweat.  At least at 480p, presumably the 60hz display I am running may make things look a bit more realistic.  or am I wrong?  Does the GS bypass all of that, and I am running it as good as it gets?

Second, there are a few visual bugs.  When you are racing, it will display your sector time, and lead time on the nearest cars, so you know how you are doing in the race.  It shows the image of the car, but no time appears.  This information is very valuable when trying to win a close race, and you just have to eyeball it on the map.  Which is uselss if you are lapping people in endurance races.  Along these lines, when you hit something in a Rally race, it give you a 5 second timer countdown.  It stays stuck at 1 second, which goes away of you change the view with select.  But cycling the view in the middle of a rally race is very annoying.

I attached a screenshot of the problem.  The image looks worse than the rendering since it seems halfway between frames, something I would hope 480p support would fix.  You can see the two visual bugs I noted here.

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