GTA LCS Slowdowns..
So yeah with allow 8 bits ticked it still lags when the car gets some speed, otherwise it works good, i dunno why, VCS works perfectly even on 6x, but why is this game laggy when i get some speed with me car XD LOL.. so yeah, also i have no other bug yet like that thingy stuck in right.

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iirc it has something to do with the games being psp ports (i might be wrong)
Not sure what graphics card you have, it's memory bandwidth,
it's temperature, fan speed, what pixel shader it has
try TechPowerUp's gpu-z

Not sure what your cpu is try cpu-z
       (hint click on the highlighted links Biggrin)
Actually the game use more resources of your gpu and cpu thats why they lagg.
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my cpu is an i5 760 oc'ed to 3,30, gpu 7970 3gb.
Dr emulator's right.
That´s why that game is very demanding.
Try it again on your ps2, and you'll see what the problem is.
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This game was a PSP game originally, which was then lazily and quickly ported to the PS2. It performed badly even on the PS2 hardware, so that's why it's hard to get full speed on this game.

For what it's worth, I beat this game on the PCSX2 emulator just fine, though I was putting up with random frame drops depending on what part of the city I was in. It's playable, but annoying at times.

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