GTA Liberty City Stories Config?
Hi, I'm trying to get a decent frame rate on this game, my specs are i5 quad 2.6ghz, 4gb ram, Windows 7, HD 5850, So.... should be ok right?

I'm using PCSX2, disk region NTSC. I'm getting very bad fps (16) atm so any advice would be most welcome.

Also, I'm new to PCSX2 so be gentle as regards jargon.


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if you can overclock a bit, it would help. 2.6ghz is a bit slow for this game.
try to get to 3.0 ghz.

else, using some speedhacks & setting gsdx internal res to native as well as setting clamp mode to none will help.
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Got a decent speed up from the speed hacks etc, but not quite solid enough to play. I wasn't planning on overclocking anything until I started to notice slow downs in pc games so I probably wont bother for this. Thanks for the reply anyway.
I am seeing a version r1888 of pcsx2 mentioned on various posts, would it make any difference to my situation?
Try opening the pcsx2_vm.ini file and changing the framerateNTSC or frameratePAL lines to half what they are (by default 59.94 and 50), it can give quite a big speedup while not being as smooth as before. Better do it only for this game since others can just break with this options not set to the defaults.
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That improved things quite a bit, thanks for the help fellas, much appreciated. Its just playable now.

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