GTA Liberty City Stories slowdown
Like I said I think we all raise some valid points about that and your right. If bug reporting with the dev builds gives good results then great I'm glad. I support you guys even though we tend to disagree quite a bit but like I said you guys are all extremely talented and that's something you should all be proud of I look forward to the next stable release of PCSX2.

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Anyway as for what I was saying about GTA anything that's not SA isn't bad. I think the PS2 versions of GTAIII and Vice City were good. Same with Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. Then of course GTA IV and V on PC.

Except Trevor on GTA V. Not a fan. I modded him out of my game lol.
(02-02-2018, 10:38 PM)[]HP[]Hawkeye Wrote: That's exactly what I do when I test out a dev build. Separate folder. Any way the reason I say dev builds can be potentially unstable and cause other issues is because I remember testing out a 1.5.0 build and if I could remember which one I would certainly tell you guys. But anyway I remember loading GTA SA which isn't my fav game due to it's racist\sexist content but anyway one key thing I noticed under the dev build was that all post processing effects were removed which the game had full post processing effects under stable release 1.4.0
The post processing effects in GTA SA actually improved since v1.4.0, they were broken in v1.4.0. They've partially disappeared for the Direct3D renderers, but that is due to a lack of depth emulation. Use the OpenGL hardware renderer along with the auto flush hack or the software renderer and you will noticed it looks a lot better than before.

(02-02-2018, 10:38 PM)[]HP[]Hawkeye Wrote: On top of that the dev build offered no compatibility improvements in any games. That's why I don't recommend people use dev builds.
That must just be you being unlucky. Dozens of games now either work for the first time, or work quite a bit better then they did with v1.4.0.
It probably was just bad luck with the games I was trying such as DRIV3R, True Crime Streets Of LA, Just Cause and COD2 Big Red One.

As for your other point about OpenGL I built my computer for 60 FPS gaming in the latest PC titles such as COD WWII. I did not build my computer to make up for the shortcomings of just one emulator. So unless PCSX2 gets better with using AMD's OpenGL drivers or switches to the newer Vulkan rendering API which runs very well on Radeon graphic cards the best thing to do with PCSX2 is stick with Direct3D 11. Even though most other emulators have no problem running OpenGL on Radeon graphic cards. That's on you guys regardless who has the better driver. The secret is in learning how to work with it.

I wish you guys the best in your next stable release of PCSX2. Lot of excited people I'm sure. Definitely something to be proud of.
Take care.
Bad performance on AMD cards has nothing to do with us. There is no "learning how to work with it" in this scenario, the driver is ***** garbage but AMD refuses to do anything about it. There's no point comparing us to other emulators since they don't use the same GL functions/extensions that we do, that's just where part of where the problem is. If you want more information on the issue, see here:
Other emulators have issues with AMD too. Cemu is probably the best example.
(02-03-2018, 04:41 AM)[]HP[]Hawkeye Wrote: It probably was just bad luck with the games I was trying such as DRIV3R, True Crime Streets Of LA, Just Cause and COD2 Big Red One.
Actually, DRIV3R has improved since v1.4.0. It's actually playable in software mode at full speed and with good graphics. Though there is still a core issue affecting the AI behaviour, especially in Undercover mode, the Take A Ride mode can be played.
If somebody help me, the VCS run perfectly on 4x native on FX-6300, Radeon 7800, 8GB RAM

And LCS is dropping a huge fps when the cam is set on a west to the map i think, in north and south ( I THINK ) is ok, but if change direction, drop fps, anybody have a tip for this?
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