GTA: Liberty City Stories visual artifacts
I started playing the game today and it runs really well, but there are a couple of little annoying visual artifacts.

The first one is that there is a grey background behind the text. So subtitles, area and vehicle names.

I've attached some screenshots bellow. Thing is that this only happens in hardware rendering mode. When I pressed F9 to screenshot with Fraps it toggled the rendering mode to software and it looked fine, but then I lose scaling, and then the game looks really ugly on my 23" Full HD monitor.

Other thing that happens from time to time is that screen flashes and shows the game world from the behind view for a half second.

And now some system specs and other relevant information:

MB: Gigabyte GA-B85-D2V
CPU: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.2 GHz
RAM: Transcend 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
GPU: Gainward Nvidia GeForce GTX670 2GB GDDR5 Phantom Edition
2 HDDs with 2.5TB of storage space
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Version: Stable 1.2.1 (can switch to SVN builds if needed)
Emulator Config: Default config, no EE and VU Cycle hacks enabled
All Other and MicroVu hacks enabled, except for "fast CDVD"

GS Plugin:
Name and Version: GSDX 5875
Renderer: Hardware DX11
Scaling: 3x Native
Enabled Texture filtering, Allow 8-bit textures, No HW hacks.

Running at native resolution didn't help in hardware mode.

Tried punching in random numbers to skipdraw hack, but that either wouldn't help or make my character invisible.

Like I said the game runs fine, and this are only minor annoyances, but I would like to fix them if possible.

Thanks for reading.

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There's nothing you can do besides switching to Software Mode.
[Insert Witty Sig Here.]
Oh well, at least the game runs fine.

Thanks for the answer.
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