GTA Liberty/Vice City Stories status request

First of all, thanks a ton for such a great software! I've been following the development of PCSX2 for many months, and the tool has been great, but slow on my previous computer. However, I got a new rig recently, and when I tested it with the latest version of the emulator, it ran just great!

However, I have a question regarding the playability status of GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories - the two games I really need PCSX2 for. I live in Europe and have PAL versions of the games, but the compatibility list on the emulator site states that European versions of the games are 'Ingame', but not 'Playable'. (there is a note about version 0.9.4 to the right from this info). It seems that only NTSC versions of the games are properly playable.

Yesterday I tried both games with 0.9.6 (PAL versions) and it seemed to work flawlessly. I had 30-50 FPS in both games, everything seemed OK, no graphic glitches, no crashes (I played 5 minutes each). Does that mean that the PAL versions of the games are finally 'Playable' with the latest version of PCSX2, or there are some weird bugs and errors waiting for me later in the games? Has anybody played through City Stories PAL and can confirm that it works or doesn't work?

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If the list says version 0.9.4 it means it has not been tested in the newer 0.9.6, so the status could have been changed from ingame to playable in the new version Smile You should also try the latest beta for a nice speed boost (but not sure if it will cause additional bugs with the game, mainly due to the new GSdx plugin)
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God of War, Forbidden Siren, Deus Ex, GTA SA, this games runs on 30-60 fps, no problem, but

Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories (E) [SLES-54135]

runs horrible, and that's strange, maybe I'm blind and there is some easy way to fix such problem?

I'm using latest beta of emulator, and I've got this PC:
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