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I have bought GTA SA on Steam for PC, but it doesn't work at all (only at really low resolutions and it quits after about 5 minutes of gameplay). So I decided to test it in PCSX2, because I also bought the PS2 Version a long time ago, when it was still very new.

I have a decent computer (FX 8120 overclocked to 4GHz and a 7950 with 3GB. 16GB Ram) and I'm trying to run the US Version of GTA San Andreas. I'm getting 40 FPS and it's not playable.

According to this thread, it should be running okay:

Are there any special settings to use for this to work? I've been using Revision 5627.
GPU Plugin: "GSdx32-SSE4-r5627"
I didn't change any settings in the plugin.

GPU Load according to MSI Afterburner is 20%.
CPU Load according to Taskmanager is 30%

Have I left anything out?

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have you tried the MTVU speedhack?
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I have tried it now. It's a little better, but it's not perfect.

Are there any settings in the GPU plugin that can help?
you could try setting GSDX resolution to "native" and see if it's any quicker. I suspect your CPU is the limiting factor here however, the FX chips aren't too happy about how the threading in PCSX2 works and it is quite heavily single threaded also.

What are the percentages along the top when it's running slow?
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GSDX is already on native.

fps: 45
ee: 95%
gs: 56%
vu: 51%
ui: 0%
state 4
yes you are definitely cpu limited. you could try setting the clamping for the EE to "none", that might reduce load slightly. Make sure you have the recommended speedhacks enabled also.

If you are feeling daring you could try putting the EE Cycle Stealing slider up a notch to see if it helps, but it might cause issues or give false framerates.

Beyond that, overclocking more will be your only solution im afraid.
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What type of cooling do you have? If you have decent cooling for the chip, you should be able to squeeze out a couple hundred more mhz or so. The old Zambezi chips aren't that great for PCSX2 unfortunately -- they were even beat out by some Phenom II chips at lower or same clocks. If you care enough about the emulation performance of PCSX2 and you have an AM3+ MOBO, I'd suggest waiting til next month when AMD drops the new Piledriver 2.0 FX chips and upgrading to one of those.
(05-11-2013, 03:22 AM)refraction Wrote: ...

That guy in the thread I linked has a Core2Duo which has worse single core perfomance than my CPU.

I will try the other things you mentioned.

(05-11-2013, 03:32 PM)NarooN Wrote: ...

I have a Thermalright Silver Arrow, so I could definitely overclock more. But when I do that, the computer is getting unstable, so I would have to overvolt. Thad would mean exorbitant power Consumption and Heat (which is bad, because it's already warm enough in my room.).

I'll try it though.

I'm already planning on upgrading, but I don't really know what to do with my old CPU. Nobody will buy that thing.
Refraction if you read carefully he asks this for a total different version of the game Smile

I have bought GTA SA on Steam for PC
(05-12-2013, 06:33 AM)StriFe79 Wrote: Refraction if you read carefully he asks this for a total different version of the game Smile

if you read even more carefully, he said he bought it on steam, but he has it for the ps2 and he was trying to get it working on pcsx2, which is why he's here.

I read the thread thoroughly ;p
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