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GTA SA Texture error
Just by chance found an error playing GTASA , when driving a vehicle through mud/sand, the dirt on the vehicle has pink color, instead of the brownish,
Tried all modes both hard and soft, with different hacks as suggested here,
Though no-one has reported issues with the pink coloured mud. This happened with the PAL version, direct via the original disc (doubt thats the problem), as im not planning on playing the game, just tested if it would run. Offcourse running one of the latest builds.

I included a screenshot of the problem.

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Do you have the issue in SW renderer + texture filtering set to PS2.
(05-03-2017, 06:20 PM)gregory Wrote: Do you have the issue in SW renderer + texture filtering set to PS2.

Yes, i actually allways have that setting to bilinear (PS2). Offcourse in combination with OpenGL hardware/software. D3D11 didnt make any difference either.
Because it happens in software, i think its not on my end. Just strange no-one else noticed it (or reported it), as your vehicle gets dirty driving anything but pavement.
Which version 1.5 ? If yes, could you try 1.4 ? (otherwise in the reverse way Tongue2 )
Japp, same problem with 1.4.0, savestate from 1.5 didnt work so had to drive to the beach with the ghosting effect on 1.4.0 Tongue
On certain places its like if the decals on the car become transparant, if that means anything to you guys.
are you using any gamefixes or speedhacks?
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(05-04-2017, 11:07 PM)refraction Wrote: are you using any gamefixes or speedhacks?

All default speedhacks, no EE or VU changes. MTVU i have enabled too.
Only automatic gamefixes, it occurs aswell on my 920 pc, so its not pc related. If any of you have the game (mine is pal bought in 2004), see if it happens. Its the most sold game on the PS2 by a large margin, and quit good game aswell for the time, strange no-one has noticed this while emulating it? Many emulate it cause the pc version apperantly misses some things.
Yeah I hate the PC port lol. Ok, I was hoping you were using some sort of gamefix, even by accident as it looks like what we call a Path3 Masking bug, but there shouldn't be any unless hacks/fixes are being used errantly.

What are your GSDX settings?
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Tried default settings, same problem. Here are my gsdx settings.
Yeah the pc version on default is missing things, but, you can mod it to simply make the pc version everybit as good as the PS2 version, and much much beyond. Tried it myself, PS2 version pales in comparison to the modded pc version.

If you didnt know:

But would be nice anyway if the ps2 original would function fully on pcsx2, for the people that want to play the original.

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