GTA San Andreas and Vice City ghosting effect
It's that effect where everything that moves gives out a trail of blur. How do I get rid of this?
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Generally,ghosting effects can be fix by enable Hw Hacks in video plugin seetings & by selecting Half pixel offset & try wild arms offset,alpha also !!
Yes, skipdraw х3(if i remember right) works but disables some of the effects too- some objects that can be broken disappear at the moment when you broke them.
It's 2020, and I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0. This thread was one of the first things that came up when I searched this issue. Can't speak about what worked in the past, but I tried every one of the fixes individually from Preet and mroussev. The only one that worked is the one from mroussev; the skipdraw 3 fix. Worked perfectly on the OPs issue. None of the Preet fixes worked, but could just be because it's 7ish years later. Just saying, for GTA SA, the skipdraw 3 fix works in this version. Have fun.
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