GTA San Andreas shadows issue
I seem to be having a shadows issue in this game while using hardware mode. System specs are win7 professional 64 bit, 12GB RAM, graphics card is an Nvidia GT 620. Speedhacks wise i only have mtvu enabled. PCSX2 version is 1.2.1 598-gfd7b692. Graphics plugin is GSDX AVX. I don't have any special settings on the graphics plugin just weave bff interlacing, D3D11 HW mode when the screenshot was taken, native resolution no HW hacks enabled at the time of taking the screenshot. D3D9 and OpenGL hardware also have the issue, software mode makes it drastically worse. Anyway see the screenshot below. Any thoughts on settings i can change to fix the problem? I tried enabling HW hacks and turning on alpha and half pixel offset, that did nothing at all for the problem. This wasn't the best screenshot to show the issue, but its usually worse then whats seen below.

[Image: GTASanAndreasgraphicalbug.png]

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What is the actual shadow problem? The layer on top of the bike? Or some missing shadow?

How does software renderer make it worse? You have more glitches of you see slowdowns?
Did you try Skipdrawhack ?
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Ugh i apologize that was not a good screenshot. I'll try to make a new one to show in this post, will edit it in a bit. Basically you can see a sort of ghosting with shadows that covers most of the screen. But setting skipdraw to 3 seems to fix the problem. It winds up causing some objects to vanish as soon as they're broken, which isn't normal, but its a small price to pay to have this annoyance fixed.

I guess its more of a general ghosting issue then shadows, i described it poorly before, here is a new screenshot. In any case, skipdraw set to 3 fixes it, I just wanted to show the problem better.

[Image: GTASanAndreasgraphicalbug2.png]

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