GTA San Andres - Disable radiosity (orange) filter
Does anyone knows how to disable the radiosity (orange) filter in GTA - San Andreas?
I think without it the graphics are much more sharper than with it, despite the orange sky being part  of the game`s spirit.
If I set skipdraw to 1 the filter is gone, but then I have the shadow issue. If I set skipdraw from 1 to 3 both filter and shadows are gone, but then some effects, like knocking down the poles and traffic lights are invisible. I believe if I could set 2 skipdraws, for 1 and 3, keeping 2 out would do the trick, but I believe it`s not possible, so the idea would be to make a pnach code with this function, but I`ve been messing with debug tool and cheat engine for days but couldn`t find how to disable it.
Any thoughts?

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turn on auto flush under the hw hacks and it'll fix the radiosity
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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(06-12-2021, 04:19 PM)refraction Wrote: turn on auto flush under the hw hacks and it'll fix the radiosity

Thanks refraction, I don't know if I explained wrong, but what I'm trying to do is to disable the orange filter in the game, like skipdraw=1 does. Auto flush is similar to skipdraw=3, gets rid of the weird shadows, but the orange filter remains. What I need, I believe, is skipdraw=1 + skipdraw=3, not touching layer 2. Skipdraw=1 + auto flush would be an option, but it doesn't work when skipdraw=1.

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