Hi. I've got a question about this game is it supposed to look so blurry or is there something wrong with my configuration. I'm running it at 4x native res. I know it was blurry at 480p but 1440?

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Could you show us a screenshot of how it looks including the titlebar along the top?

Thanks Smile
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It might not be so noticeable but like I said it just looks unclear
I have a feeling that is an effect in the game designed to make it look "smoother" when playing in native resolution on a CRT TV. You could try changing the skipdraw setting under GSDX's hw hacks section (don't forget to enable hw hacks) and see if one of those gets rid of it, going from skipdraw 1 upwards is advised when testing.
[Image: ref-sig-anim.gif]

Try turning off trails in the display menu. Wink
Well skipdraw 3 doesn't seem to do much if anything and trails remove some of the blur and the glossy look but the game is still unclear compared to the SA and VC versions for PC. Maybe it's supposed to look like that on the PS2?
give it a try on your PS2, then.
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i can't.. it's broken. if it worked i wouldn't really have to use an emulator
I think the PS2 version is just like that.

The PC version seems to be sharper looking, but that might be from modding.
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