GTA Vice City Stories lags..
Newest PCSX, speedhacks on and it still lags sometimes also the quality isn't like it is here

its more like this

Like i dunno its brightned and things, help?

i5 650 2,80
7970 3gb 384 bit
4gb ram

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Youtube videos play back always in full speed so they can be misleading. Try overclocking your cpu and using the mtvu hack.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

the GTA games will not work properly till u overclock u'r cpu to atleast 3ghz
if u can't,then play them on u'r ps2
they're just badly ported from psp to ps2
i already gave up on these games on pcsx2 very long time ago
because i know they'll not work proeprly with my system !
As Preet said, these games are the cases of being horribly-optimized, and when I say that, I mean that they even ran bad on the original PS2 hardware. To make matters worse, they were just quick and sloppy PSP-to-PS2 ports, which I imagine didn't help. They didn't spend much time on optimization, because they don't really look any better than GTA 3 and Vice City, both of which run much better than LCS and VCS.

Basically, all you can do is OC your CPU as much as you can or want to, but it's very difficult to get a sustained 60fps on these games.

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