GTA Vice City Stories mouse aim
Hello Smile
How can i use mouse aim and mouse look on GTA VCS?
At the moment i use WASD to move, mouse to look and arrow keys to drive and it works well, except free aim.
Game have 2 controller configuration but Left Analog Stick is always movement/free aim.
So i cant use mouse aim and look same time? I need bind left stick to mouse for aim and dont use look?

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If that's the way the game is designed, then no.
The game wasn't designed to allow you to move and free-aim at the same time, so it's not possible.
Thanks, all clear.
I binded mouse to Left Analog Stick and now its used for movement and free aim, not good solution but its work.

GTA VCS is my first game with PS2 emulator. Tried it when i had C2D 3.2GHz and it was unplayable, now with i3 its better, not ideal but playable.
GTA Liberty City Stories run much slower and unfortunately its not playable Sad

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