GTASA Ghosting problem
Yes, that may be so. Oh and if you do not use this patch, you can also use Half Pixel Offset: Special (Texture - Aggressive) / Texture Offsets X: 400 / Y: 300 in the graphics settings. I think there are several alternatives. Happy

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Well, I usually play in software mode with autoflush enabled, since I want the most accurate experience possible, but thanks for the advice anyway! Laugh
This is of course always the best variant, because my suggestions are all not perfect - they are at most „optimal”. It is all a matter of opinion, my friend. Laugh
Yes, ghosting can be a common issue when running PCSX2 on a Mac device with an M1 chip. One possible solution is to adjust the graphics settings in the emulator to reduce the amount of ghosting. You can try enabling the "Half-pixel Offset" and "Allow 8-bit textures" options in the Graphics Plugin Settings. Another potential solution is to use a different emulator or update the PCSX2 version you are using. You may also want to check if your Mac device meets the minimum system requirements to run the game smoothly.

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