GTAVCS crash
I have been using 1.7.2 for a month. A couple of weeks ago I updated to the latest nightly and the game starting running smoother, but since then I have had 5 crashes (never had them before in the previous 1.7.2 nightlies). I cant repeat the same circumstances since it seems random. I copy my emulog below altho Im not sure its useful. If I can provide anything else.

.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 72,9 KB / Downloads: 140)

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upgrade again, there has been some crash fixes, since you seem to be spamming buttons or something.
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Forgot to say, Im using versions, so a couple of days old and I had a crash. Ill update again tho
2976 had an additional crash fix.
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Im using and had another crash. Im not mashing buttons or anything like that. I attach the emulog

.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 132,26 KB / Downloads: 137)
Can you try not using your savestate and loading your game via memorycard?

and it looks like you're changing some sort of setting, because it keeps reloading the gamedb entry, and it only does that if you change a setting.
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what if you don't use savestates ?
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I toggle the turbo on an off when there is some kind of "hold key for some time". I have the turbo key binded to the controller.

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