GTS 450 problem?
I got an EVGA GTS 450 fpb @ 822 MHz. My processor is dual core e5400 @ 2.7 GHz, 2 gb ram.
I tried to run KOF:MI2 at 1024x1024 on pcsx2 0.9.7 beta and no antialiasing. But for some reason I get only 37 fps. In Tekken tag I get 30 fps. Surprising thing is that I got 20 fps in both even with an intel GMA X4500!

The GTS 450 is more powerful than even the 9800GTX and ati 4850 with dx11. But I have seen pcsx2 games like db tencaichi 3 maxed out(60 fps) even on 9600 GSO. Is there some problem with my hardware or does the pcsx2 just not support this card?

(I have latest dx runtimes of june 2010. Driver version forceware 260.63. Windows 7 64 bit.)

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well, there's only one conclusion, your cpu is limiting.

i can only speak for tekken, but @ 2,5ghz i get only about 30fps, just like you.

while at 4,25ghz i can play it in full speed (50fps pal)
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Lets see your SPU2 settings. That can have a significant drain on fps if set too high.
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As Cyphox said this is a CPU limited game. Overclock your CPU, try some speedhacks use the speedier settings in PCSX2 and you might get better speeds but as it is right now with your current CPU and clock speed, changing the GPUs can only really help you with using higher resolutions.
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That's right. Even on 1600 internal resolution and 2x antialiasing I see no significant slow down!

Here are my SPU2 settings.
[Image: dw5ndf.jpg]

Also I'd like to know what would be a safe overclock for an e5400 without putting much stress on it and still getting good fps in pcsx2? Would a 3.2 Ghz overclock be enough?
As much as the speed you put it to is a factor, you also want to consider what exactly overclocking is. I've been trying all day to find a stable setting for my cpu. It does take a lot of consideration. But yes, that would be the only way for you to get better performance. Keep in mind that overclocking does increase the amount of stress and heat on your cpu.
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Ok, I've got two 80 mm fans in addition to the stock heat sink of the processor(I put them just in case overclocking were needed). My processor has idle temperature of 30-32 degrees and after Crysis highest settings benchmarks it goes to about 40-45 degrees. If I increase all the fan speeds then do you think I can get a stable 3.2 ghz clock?

EDIT: My powersupply is silverstone 500 watt 80 percent efficiency which provides effective 408 watts.
Well it's possible that your power supply is a problem here. Without enough power being supplied to your card +other peripherals it could be throttling your machine. I would probably try overclocking and see how hot your cpu gets under load and then judge from there. Safe temps are around 30-55c.
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I don't think that power supply is the problem. Even the ASUS GTS 450 top @ 925 MHz + i7 system consumes only 272 watts at full load of 3dmark.

I have kind of nearly 150 more watts than that. Plus it's not just any bad quality power supply. It is 80 percent efficiency.
Core 2's will be stable up to 75c-80c. If you are lucky they will be stable up to 85c. Yes these chips are awesome in regards to heat tolerance. The limit to overclocking is generally heat and voltage [aswell as RAM, chipset but thats going more indeptht than I want], it looks like heat is mostly good on your system, so you should up the voltage on your processor in small increments to get it stable at a higher speed. The chip you have is capable of 4ghz overclocked at the least since its a 45nm chip [unless you are very unlucky and got a bad chip for OC], so it depends on whether or not your motherboard allows overclocking and whether or not your chipset and ram can also tolerate higher speeds.

I would try upping your FSB to 266 in your BIOS if thats available, 266x13.5 = 3600. That should be easy to hit, and if not up the voltage a tad.

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