GUN graphic Issues (vertical stripes), DX9
Hi folks,

I use PCSX 1.0.0 and DX9 as Hardware Renderer.
I enabled HW Hacks in the Plugin.
Heard, that some resolution changes (like inverted resolutions) and 1200x1200 work for some games to remove the stripes.
Didn't work for GUN.
GUN only works with Software Renderer, but then anybody sounds like they're stoned Laugh Means, it's kinda slow, even though I have a fast quad-core 3.2ghz cpu and (nearly) every other game works in Software Mode quite nice.

Has anybody found a solution for GUN already)? I didn't find anything on the board or anywhere else so far Mellow?

But I have to say, most games work perfectly, wow. PCSX2 has made such progress, incredible!
Nearly every game I play works perfectly.

Will maybe some SVN version, soon.
If I find a fix, I'll post it here.

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Select direct 3D9 hardware logarithm z ticked,enable hw hacks-first 4 ticked.tick native (don't choose custom resloution or 2x,3x native or other).same thing happen with tekken series.then i select native & everything became fine.let me know how it goes Smile

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