Galaxy Angel 2: Mugen Kairou no Kagi disk swapping issues
I'm pretty sure i posted about this before, but it was quite some time ago, back in the 0.9.6 days, so rather than do some forum necromancy i'll post about it again.

Galaxy Angel 2: Mugen Kairou no Kagi (the second GA2 game) has an extra scenario for the first GA2 game (Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira). In order to play this extra scenario some disk swapping is required. First of all, after booting the game, the game asks for the disk for the first game and then after that, it asks for the extra scenario disk from the second game. I still haven't been able to get this to work on PCSX2 and I'm using a recent-ish SVN (rev 4472, built on march 22).
About 25% of the time, the disk swap works on the first disk change (where you put in the disk for the first game) but fails 100% of the time on the second disk change (where you put in the extra scenario disk).
I've tried this with both ISOs and my original disks (via the gigaherz cdvd plugin) as well as a combination of the two.

my system specs according to the PCSX2 log window:

PCSX2 0.9.7.r4472 - compiled on Mar 22 2011
Savestate version: 0x9a010000

Host Machine Init:
Operating System = Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit
Physical RAM = 4096 MB
CPU name = Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz
Vendor/Model = GenuineIntel (stepping 0B)
CPU speed = 2.665 ghz (2 logical threads)
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfebfbff 0000e3fd
x86EFlags = 20100000

x86 Features Detected:

Reserving memory for recompilers...

Loading plugins...
Binding GS : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\GSdx32-SSSE3.dll
Windows 6.1.7601 (Service Pack 1 1.0)
ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series (
Binding PAD : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\LilyPad.dll
Binding SPU2 : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\SPU2-X.dll
Binding CDVD : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\cdvdGigaherz.dll
Binding USB : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\USBnull.dll
Binding FW : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\FWnull.dll
Binding DEV9 : C:\Emulators\PCSX2 SSSE3\plugins\DEV9null.dll
Plugins loaded successfully.

(GameDB) 8962 games on record (loaded in 273ms)

Naturally, I'm trying this with speedhacks off and I also removed the overclock from my CPU so it's running at its default speed.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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First off there is no support for SVN releases, two this sounds to me more of a bug report. Posting using the guidelines on that forum that devs should be able to help you better and may be able to track down why it's doing this.
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I found it,after few hours i finally found it,a fix for galaxy angel II trilogy and maybe all the multi disk game,update pcsx2 to 1.6.0 and download this and throw into your pcsx2 folder:,use this to open pcsx2 and now you can swap disk and play extra content to your heart
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