Galerians Ash text does not appear
does anyone figured out what's causing the text not to be displayed? it's impossible to solve the puzzles, someone? it's been long since the bug appears, still i haven't find a solution...

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I'm guessing reading rules/instructions is completely against your capabilities, this is NOT a valid bug report, moving to support section.
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does F9 solve it?

(the misplacement of your previous posts is in some sense impressive...)
nope, it doesn't, i tried all the possible settings that i can get from the pcsx2 forums but it doesn't solve the problem, you name it, all the possible svn builds that can get it to work,
Please post your current settings. (including gsdx plugin settings and emulation settings)
Please post a screenshot of the issue.
Please post the full emulog after you observed the problem.

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