Game Compatability Not Shown?
What does it mean when a game isn't shown on the list? I found that motor mayhem wasn't on the list and crashed after you "started" a career.

Just curious if there is a place to post games NOT on the list. Also is there any copyright protection on PS2 games? I made a straight copy from my disc...wasn't sure if I had to run it through DVD Decrypter or something instead.

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Nope, you can use any image ripping tool without decrypting and stuff and they work (although we recommend the free imgburn program for the job, known to always do a good job).

When a game isn't on the list it means none of the testers have it, thus it hasn't been tested. There is no place to report something not in the list ATM
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I have a demo disc around here that has the game on it...would it be legal to distribute a DEMO and would it work for getting the game to work? I am all for helping the testers get this game started Smile

I would also be happy to provide any information necessary as well unless you need special programming skills.
DEMO is free AFAIK so i think it wouldn't be a problem to distribute it Smile

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