Game Database (Feature Request)
Hi guys,
i find the game database of project64 or dolphin very useful.
the database should have for every game an own profile.

if game x only works with config xyz and the 2.0 speedhack, the database use this parameters to start the game. also you see a logo of the game and the compatibility status with a short info.

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people from the forum should be able to comment on the games and post their configs and how they got it to work at its best speed
Most forum people have speed hacks or other crap settings when running games. Thus,most reports (not all,but a large majority) would report false information,making things even worse rather than better.
There is a new compatibility system in the works with more information,but whether the public will be able to add reports in it or not is still undecided.
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Bositman is right.
Bositman is always right.
Yep, he's just that awesome.

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