Game FPS Jumping and game running slow and choppy? Any suggestions?
Hey guys. I'm new to PCSX2 an dam glad to be on board. First off i read over the configuration guide twice, and watched several You tube video on how to setup version 0.9.7. However, for some reason my games load up at 59fps but in the graphic insensitive situations (actually game play), it dips down to like 14 fps. I know that my computer cannot be the problem because I am running a Quad core q6600 @ 2.4, Evga GTS 250, and 4gb of ram. Perhaps it the settings that I choose. I have a pretty updated Bios as well. Below are some pictures of the current settings. Thank you

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which game ?

and your comp may be the problem.
2.4 Ghz isn't fantastic
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lol I just thought about that (2.4ghz)! lol I was playing Mercenaries 2 World in Flames and it was all choppy and skippy. However, when I played my Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 it played decently...
I have tested out a lot of games about 18, most of em play choppy with lines (during actual gameplay). but the Budokai 3 plays decent.
It seems as though alot of people are saying that I need a clock speed higher than 3.0 ghz I will try overclocking.

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