Game Flicker
Ive been rummaging through the forums and i cant seem to find a comparable issue. If i just fail at finding things i appologize for the new thread.

I recently had the urge to play armored core 2 and 3 again. So i loaded up the emulator and configured it as suggested. However when i get ingame the screen flickers rapidly.

Ive tried it with both ac2 and ac3. Actual disc in drive and ripped iso. Multiple bioses. Several resolutions. Varity of random configurations. d3d9 d3d11 hardware modes. sse2,3,4. other crap i cant recall.

So far the setup that seems to flicker the least is SSE2 with software d3d9 and 4 threads.

This is more or less true for all configurations tried

FPS never drops below 50 and mostly stays at 59/60
EE seems to shift between 30-42%
GS 0-10%
UI never seems to go over 0%
Limiter Normal

Anyway i have no idea what is going on and im sure ive just overlooked something simple and would greatly appreciated being pointed in the right direction.

System that this is running on is

1920x1200x2 : I didnt see anything about dual moniters confusing the emulator but noted if it matters.

2500k @ 5ghz
16 gigs of ram

os and iso are both on an ssd and ive also moved the iso to a seperate drive to see if that changes anything and it didnt.

Anyway thank-you ahead of time for any help.

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Have you try using the Software mode on GSdx?
press F5 multiple times until the flicking goes away
make sure you have no speedhacks and do what that guy above said

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