Game Index issues (possibly)
Hey all

If I'm posting this in the wrong area my apologies.

I'm under the impression that the game index added to pcsx2 a short while ago keeps store of the names of various games + puts certain conditions required for the game to run into force if I am correct there.

I'm asking this as no matter what game I load up in pcsx2 I always get "unknown" appearing in the console window where the name of the game used to show in earlier versions.

I copied over the "GameIndex.dbf" file from the latest compile (r4034) into my pcsx2 directory and that made no difference though I notice now that theres mention of "(GameDB) 8110 games on record (loaded in 237ms)" in the console now.

I've checked the database file and the games I have are definately in the list (ie Arc the Lad: Twilight of the spirits PAL, Silent Hill 2 PAL etc).

Do I need to put the file in someplace other than the main directory? or for the names of games to come up do I need to do something else (ie make my own .pnach patches etc)? I know that that was the way that I had to do it in earlier versions.
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The file should only need to be in the directory with the pcsx2.exe file. It's at least loading it from that games record log.

Does the file that came with the r3878 beta load fine?
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I don't see any errors inregards to that in the console at all, so I assume so.

Am I correct in that it should be causing game names to appear in the top of that window?

Woops misread your question. Tested on r3878 on a fresh install and same issues occur. Database file appears to load fine.
Old habits die hard - System Shock

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