Game Running Too Fast
Hi everybody! I'm new to this (just downloaded pcsx2 a couple of days ago) and I'm trying to play a game, and it was running too slow originally. I set up different plugins and all of that, and now it's running too fast. Is there any way I can fix this, without the game running too slow again? Right now, there are times when it runs at 150-199% which makes everything hard to control, and makes it hard to hear and see the cutscenes. Here are my settings:







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Did you try the frame limiting option??
Set it to "limit" instead of the "frame skip" option.
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Now why the game run so fast...that will be some mystery

Custom FPS Limit - the default is 0(automatically set the limit to 50 or 60 depending on the game(PAL or NTSC)).Setting it to any other value than 0,it will force pcsx2 to obey that limit.

If you set it to 30,pcsx2 will always run at 30 fps(even if you can get 3/4 or more times the normal speed)
Setting it to 5200...if your pc can actually give you more than 5200fps,then setting it to 5200 will force pcsx2 to that limit

Skip Frames when slower that - if the game becomes slower than 5120 frames per second,it will start skipping frames
download 1.0.0 please from the Homepage

0.9.6 is not supported

Good Job members above Laugh
Thanks everybody! Yeah, the 5200 was extreme looking at it now, but a video I watched had it, and it worked fine for them, so I wanted to try it out...It's working now though! Thanks guys!

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