Game can't read the memory card
I'm trying to play Stella Deus, japanese version (Stella Deus [J] [SLPM-65685]).
I created the memory card and could save the game normally (can see the game slots), and I can also see the save data from the ps2 "browse" menu and it looks correct.
The problem is that I can't load, when I go to the load menu it says that the card doesn't contain any save data.
I tried both the japanese bios (01.00) and the USA one (01.60), same result.

Any idea about something I'm doing wrong?
Thank you.

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so you own both PS2s? does the ps2 menu say it has the saves in it?

like this:
Sorry, I din't explain it well.
What I meant is that I started the emulator with no iso mounted and checked the memory card from there. I'm not using any real console or memory card, only the emulator.
post a picture showing the memory card, and the menu to load in the game please
Sure, here it is
By the way, with each bios I created and formatted the card from scratch.

I feel like the dumbest person alive!
Load menu is for loading, continue menu is for when you quit while in battle.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help.

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