Game does not run from CD, goes to ps2 System Menu
i have looked all over for a possible reason and have not found one. I am trying to play Xenosaga Ep 1 and have the actual game in my D drive, i am running via plugin using the gigaherz and running 0.9.8 and have tried all sorts of settings.

Every time i run full it loads up as if i turned a ps2 on with no game in. it goes to the sstem menu where you can go in and see the memory cards and what would usually show the game as well, but no game is shown.

The game shows fine in my computer and i can view the files on the disk. I would very much like to start playing asap and hope someone will be able to assist me.

If you need any other information just let me know and i will tell you all I can. Thank you.

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Xenosaga is a dual layer disc correct? I believe the CDVD plugin won't work correctly on dual layer discs, you'll have to manually dump the disc to your hard drive via a program like imgburn ( )

The only other possibility is a misconfigured CDVD plugin, but I'm 90% sure it's just a dual layer disc issue (someone else who actually owns the game can confirm that for me)
Oh i see, yes i believe it is a dual layer. I did not know about it not being able to read it as such, I havent tried dumping it and runing with just the ISO so i will try that. thank you for your quick response on it ^_^

Update: ISO is dumped and works perfect now! thanks a lot for the help on it ^_^ this issue (the dual layer disks not running from cd) should be put in the FAQ imo so people can know that right away.

now i just need to see if there is any way to hold 60fps (or close to) during the cutscenes, im seeing it arouns 20-30fps currently. the game itself i got moving at 100+ however lol (a little too fast really xD) but from what ive been reading, with its high demand on GS it doesnt look like there is a way to make it flow. my cpu is only a AMD turion II dual-core mobile M500 2.2GHz so its not the most powerful. gotta love running on a laptop eh? but thats all another issue. so my hunt shall continue!

Koji i threw you a rep point for the help, thanks again!
Also Crimmy it is mostly recommended to run PCSX with Images, since it's also quite faster then the disc itself and you always have a backup of your original disc (Though u need to have a modded ps2 for that, but besides that fact) Smile
ya i just didnt want to deal with creating an iso lol i was trying to be lazy xD
Too bad u can't be too lazy with PCSX2 Tongue So far every game I play works with almost the same settings, though some games work better with native resolution (Cause of the text being garbled up) And others need some other tiny tweaks Wink
i just need to get a ps2 and ill be good lol. or a better PC lmao
(09-26-2011, 11:38 AM)Crimmy Wrote: i just need to get a ps2 and ill be good lol. or a better PC lmao

i think this thread is about to be closed...
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