Game doesnt appear?
Laptop Spec:
T6400 2.00ghz intel duo
Geforce nVidia 9600m GT
4gb Ram
Vista 64x


Graphics: GSdx (MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.14
Controller: Lilypad 0.9.9r
Cdvdrom Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin 0.7.0
Sound: P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9.0

When I press Run CD/DVD, the window pops up with a black screen with 60 fps (100%) and when I tried ZeroGS 0.97.1, a picture with zerogs and some symbols below it and a picture of a red ball with peanuts xP fading away and just stays in a black fade =/

Wtf am i doing wrong : (

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What game are you trying? Have you tried any other games to see if they are working or not? Also what (if any) speed hacks do you have as some will cause games not to boot properly/at all.

Also make sure you have the CD/DVD plugin setup correctly to your correct drive. By the looks of your plugins, you are using an older version of the emulator (0.9.6) you could try the latest supported beta 1474. There is a sticky with a link to it in the general section of the forum.
No hacks no anything Im trying to run Star Ocean Till The End Of Time before my internet shuts down Sad
Now my cddvd plugin is the Linuz ISO plugin and I tried that it made the PCSX screen freeze Sad
did you config gigaherz to the (letter) drive? T6400 support SSE4.1? What game is it?
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yea i config the gigaherz to E: Drive and virutal drive F:
and idk if T6400 supports SSE4.1
game is Star Ocean Till The End of Time

anywayyyss tried with the Beta Pcsx
gives me a black screen then lag then not responding Sad
seinfeld: My first thought was that T6400 might not support SSE4.1, but I checked wikipedia and it confirms T6400 is 4.1 compliant.

Niwa: Can you post screenshots of all your configurations?
For Star Ocean you need to check the special game fix for Tri Ace games,as the configuration guide points out.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok where can I get the hacker VU Add/Sub hack? and i think i need speed hack since my CPU sux uhh before i ran FFX and it was really slow but i cant play it cuz i dont have it anymore

[Image: 2drxgf8.jpg]
(07-29-2009, 09:29 PM)Niwa Wrote: Ok where can I get the hacker VU Add/Sub hack?
"config > gamefixes"
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is my config fine? and should i get speed hack? my fps is like 30 and its 50% its a bit slow and its sounds like their slurring lol xP and the game fix works ty ^__^

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