Game freezes please help me out guys
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Hi to all im new here so please help me that i got some problem with few games.
my specs : Core2Duo 2.66 Ghz, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 8800GT 512MB graphic card, Dual Shock2 Joypad, OS:Windows XP SP3
i played Smackdown here comes the pain(58 to 60fps), SD vs Raw2007 and 2009, game runs fine with not less than 48fps. the real problem is i played shadow of rome with 60FPS but when i enter 2nd chapter the game freezed. i tick out speed hacks but no use i tried beta plugin new plugin but no use so i planed to play Gladiator:Total Warrior it played pretty smooth but when i completed 2nd mission game freezed. Why? what should i so? i love shadow of rome (i am not using any speed hacks for these two games but even it freezed)

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wait for it to be compatable? make a skip patch for w/e vid could be causing it?
i maked skip video patch now i can enter 2nd chapter but FPS drops down to only 5FPS..i think pcsx2 0.9.6 not supported for these games (Shadow of Rome)
so save at the quickest moment and disable it
i can't save the game because when i enter the 2nd chapter screen goes white(NTSC)......plz help me n sorry for my bad english....
i am using pcsx2 beta -r1888 gsdx 1534
in software mood the game run without any graphical problem but fps drops down to 15-20. i tried the game with speedhacks n without speed hacks.... but no changes.

PC : Dual core 2.53
ram 3 gb
nvidia 9500 1gb card

anyone plz help me.
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hello !!! can anyone help me ?
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This is a forum, not a chatroom. It takes time for people to answer your questions, there is no point bumping a topic unless it's off the top page.

If the game is still freezing with the latest beta (1888) then the game is probably just not compatible with the emulator yet. You can try setting the clamp modes higher in advanced, or turning on interpreter or turning on/off microvu0/1... but if none of those options work, you'll just have to wait for a newer version.
@ Koji>>>> damn you are right ,try the latest beta or wait till the new gui comes arround
@big_evil>>>> dont doble post please,(dunno if its against forum rules,i think it is)
i am very very sorry and thanks for your suggestion.
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