Game freezes when EE get to 100%
In many games that i'm playing when de EE% gets to 100% my game freeze and I have to end the process in the task manager, open the emulator again and reload the game.
Can anyone explain why this happen, or just say how can i fix it ??


i3-3240 3.4GHz
GeForce 8400GS 512Mb

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Hello .
What you trying to play, version of PCSX2 you using and settings.
I'm using the new version 1.0.0 of the PCSX2.
The games that I'm playing are FFX, Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis, Legaia 2, Shadow Hearts - From the New World and Wild Arms 4.

The settings in the pcsx2 are:
GSdx 5334 SSE2, Direct3D10 (hardware)
LilyPad svn (r5282)
Linuz Iso
EmotionEngine: recompiler
IOP: recompiler
Clamping: none
rounding: cut/zero
VU0: microVU
VU1: microVU
Clamping/rounding: same above
--Speed Hacks--
EE cicle: 1
VU cicle: 0
Just quick CDVD and MTVU are not marked

Anything more ?
No ,it was enough.
Final Fantasy X and Legaia 2 cant cause this. You CPU is fine to handle this games w/o problems.
May be video driver issue..
Bios dumped properly?
Yep, didn't found any problem with the bios.
Using the usa 2.20
As i said your CPU is good enough for 2 of games from your list and cant be any freezes.
Try different version of PCSX2 or check Windows problems/settings.
Check your temperatures (CPU and GPU) while running PCSX2 to see if this is a temp issue.
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If it were a temp issue, the whole system would have frozen, not just the game.

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