Game has black screen unless I load from the memory card (+graphical issues)
Well, I'm very new to ps2 emulating, and have an extremely basic knowledge of computers, and I've been having this problem with a game.

Here's my specs:
The game: Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

My computer isn't the best, and the only game I've tried to play was Katamari Damacy, and that seemed to work perfectly, aside from the constant 30 fps, and now I decided to test another game that used to play when I was very young.

So for starters, when I launch the game and it says "checking memory card" I simply get a black screen afterward and nothing seems to happen. So I figured it might have been that my memory cards were not formatted, so I went and did that, and it still had the same problem.

So I decided out of nowhere to (I guess?) load it directly from the memory card options:

And it somehow automatically went to the game, where it's supposed to leave off after checking the memory card, which it wasn't doing initially:

So at this point I blindly reached the option to start a new game, but there another black screen that wouldn't end. So I loaded the game from the memory card options again, and it was where it's supposed to be, but the same graphical glitches:

I have it on native resolution, if that makes any kind of difference. But Katamari Damacy ran perfectly fine without any of these issues.

I haven't tampered with any of the settings, so I'm not sure if I caused this, but if you any of you can provide and explain or solution to this problem, I would appreciate it.

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Can you attach your pics?

My isp's blocked imgur. (Damn isp...)
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since you're located in USA, I suppose you're using the NTSC-US version.
means you'll have to run it in software mode according to the compatibility listm :
unfortunately, that will require a good machine to get playable speeds in software mode. Which you won't be able to achieve with your old CPU.

In short, better keep playing on your PS2 until you can afford a better PC.
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I figured as much. Thanks for the input.

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