Game is not detecting memory card.
If admins/devs/mods would use their mind, they would know that I am not from Japan and I cannot buy japanese ps2. I am from Poland and even If I would I cannot buy japanese ps2. I have not got so much cash to buy ps2 from japan and take bios from it. You cannot understand that ??? Because it is simple for me. So please do not close that thread.

Now here is my problem. I have got formatted pcsx2 memory card. Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 is not detecting it. I cannot use savestate because my save is incompatible with pcsx2. Only with memory card and of course that game after using myMC or converting that save. Please help me with that because I can't understand Japanese but I really want to have all characters unlocked.

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We do NOT care. You own the correct ps2 an the game, good. You don't, it's illegal.

Closed. Warned for dupe thread (spam).

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