Game not playing?
When I try and run FF12 I manage to get a black screen with the frames sky rocketing to 6000 in under a minute and the cpu between 1 and 2%

But the game doesnt play.

Im on windows 7 64 bit.

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What GPU?
I figured it out - I had an old version >_< Any ways, new issue, not graphics related. I have the ISO of my game and If i mount it with power ISO, the PS2 emulator doesn't see it. and going "file -> run" just starts the ps2 with no disk in, any suggestions? which plugin should I be using to get it to open the explorer to let me select my game?
better show us your CDVD plug-in settings.

if you use an ISO use Linuz-ISO,don't use cdvdgigahertz plug-in.
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elaborating on tallbenders post, don't mount the iso with anything Tongue
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