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Game not responding to controls
I've logged the issue as . I'll let you know when I get any progress on this

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Cool, thanks a lot man! Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.
Can you please check on 0.9.6 Snow Leopard release with updated zzogl-pg 0.1.0 just released?
I get the same error by the way with the arrow situation in FFX. There is no arrow to select the game, however I can sort of guess and get it right to start the game. I am using the latest bundle released a couple of days ago with all bundled plugins.
Yes, I released a new plugin today, that should fix the issue
Downloaded the plugin and package this afternoon, and the arrow does indeed appear on the menu screen. However, the game still freezes for me after the first FMV. I suppose I could get by it with a memory card, but I'm afraid of problems later on. Would you mind posting the configuration you used to get past it?

Thanks so much for the update, I'm really looking forward to being able to play!

EDIT: Loaded up a save and got past the FMV. The game is playing great, except for a few minor graphical issues, and the menus are all there. I'd still love to see the configuration you're using.

I've attached a screenshot. As you can see, the character model is all messed up. It looked much better in your youtube preview, so I'm hoping you'd share your settings. Thanks.

The youtube is for 0.9.7, not 0.9.6, that version isn't released yet
Ah, that explains a lot. Glad to see you've made so much progress with it, and I'm looking forward to a release!
Hey, quick question.

Will .9.7 run well on Snow Leopard? Or will it be the same thing that was happening with .9.6? Just wondering if I should wait until .9.7 to be released to fix the graphical issues.

All the problems are from apple specifics and as I can only test on my own configuration I can't guarantee anything

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