Game profiles for saving settings on pcsx2? :)
Hi! I got an idea because i have so many games at home changing emulation settings every times I open a game can become something frustrating to set it back again after the game session just to remember those but is it possible to add game profiles for emulation settings per game or something, please Tongue2?

Maybe that could help to develop add-ons also and try out more settings matching every games to perfection? I don't know if it's necessary but surely would be nice to start tweaking every games settings personally on my library to get optimal timings and the best configuration for said games. xD

Big thanks,


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The idea should start from checking if it doesn't already existTongue...
Couse well, there are two existing PCSX2 frontends which save customized settings for different games:
- PS2Lunch - a simple launcher for PCSX2,
- PCSX2 Profile Manager.
My choice was the first one for it's ability to store screenshots, the second one also requires portable PCSX2 version(basically creating an empty file called "portable.ini" inside pcsx2 directory makes it portable), but I'm sure they're both good and will end your frustration without any new programs or pcsx2 mods.

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