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Game running at 2fps in game 10fps cutsenes
(10-18-2014, 01:42 PM)Slow PC Wrote: I wanted to play ps2 games on a emulator because when i plug my PS2 in to a flat monitor the graphics are un-seeable and textures look real bad.

Sorry to break your bubble but the PS2 is one of the most complicated consoles to emulate and thus requires much more power to pull a playable speed, in multiples of the original PS2's power due to different architecture both in software and in hardware.

Your computer might pull off PS1 emulator which is a considerably lighter and weaker console but even there you might not get 50/60 frames for your games.

As for the reason it looks bad when you play it on the PS2, that depends on your screen. If it's a CRT, it will look much better. If not, it gets upscaled weirdly and looks like the mess you're probably seeing, aka "not the way i remember it".

Now if you hope to emulate PS2 games on your computer, you can forget it. You'll need a much stronger rig to run them. Think along the lines of a strong pentium or i3 and up (third generation and up), with a GPU upwards of a GTX 550 at least.

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