Game running issue
I've have been a huge fan of emulators for the longest time, finally decided to give the ps2 emulator a shot. Everything was going well until I put my final fantasy 12 disc into the drive watched it load no problem. went through the sony loading screen and then was stuck on the screen saying sony playstation 2 in english and japanese. My question is do i need to do something else to get it to get passed that screen? Also i configured a gamepad and setup the buttons for it but none of them were responsive. i apologize if this has been addressed but i spent awhile searching threads and couldn't find a similar issue. If any other information is needed, just let me know and I will do my best to provide you with what you need.

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Did you read the guide?
Have you configured your CDVD plugin properly?
Are your settings being saved after you close the emulator?
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when i run the game,i can't use the usb rumblepad2 controller.
config -->controllers-->selecting controller-->pad2-->selecting the buttons wil not work.
please help

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