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Game runs at 60 frames but gameplay is slow-motioned...
I try to run God of war 1 and it runs at 40-45 frames with all speed hacks enabled but speed is far enough to play.At same version of emulator,same plugins,same hacks try to run DMC1 and Resident Evil 4.Both game runs at 50-60 frames(more then GOW1) but gameplay is slow-motioned like movies played at 0.5 speed.Why is that?Game with more frame rate run slower then game with less frames.I try veru much version of emulator and plugins and situtation is same.Is i make mistake ot the problem is in games?

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Try turning off speedhacks and see if that changes things. Does it go slower, faster, or does it stay the same. Also try using the latest public beta (r1888).
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Turn off VU cycle stealing.
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(10-08-2009, 03:14 AM)ellachen0417 Wrote: Turn off VU cycle stealing.

(10-08-2009, 01:40 AM)boogerthe2nd Wrote: Try turning off speedhacks and see if that changes things.

Absolutle no difference.Try to turn all speed hacks and all settings at default.No result.Same framerate,samo slow movement.

(10-08-2009, 01:40 AM)boogerthe2nd Wrote: Also try using the latest public beta (r1888).

With all at default/off this on this version RE4 runs with 3 frames,DMC has no differece.With 0.9.6 situation is almost the same like version i use PCSX2 Maetel 4.5(some modified).PCSX2 Maetel 4.5 has a little much performance boost in RE4.DMC has no difference between both versions.But in both PCSX2 Maetel 4.5 and 0.9.6 framerate is same no matter what settings and plugins i use(tried last 10 official and beta version with no effect) and both are same slow motioned.
Quote:PCSX2 Maetel 4.5

No support for unofficial builds.

What are your pc specs ?

Edit : speedhacks may display wrong fps when used. With all turned off, gsdx should display your real fps.
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Right, the games you listed all work as they should, but ONLY on a fast pc.
The pc needs to be able to achieve 60fps with all hacks disabled.
I advised turning off VU Cycle stealing because the higher settings result in high FPS but slow actual game speed. I have no idea how to get any of the GoW games to run fullspeed. Most of the youtube videos I have seen with fullspeed were running machines OCed to 4ghz and higher
[Image: 813647.png]
+ geforce GT 440 @ Win7 64bit
GOW-all hack disabled -30frames.But with all enabled achieve about 50 frames and is good enough to play.

RE4-30 again ,little effect of hacks.Same slow gameplay.

DMC-about 40 again absolutely no effect of hack.

Well i read that DMC is problem game and runs slow on much faster CPU then mine so problem is in the game.RE4 maybe is very tough for my pc.I try everything but maybe just my spec is not good enough for them.I guess i got lucky with GOW to emulated on good speedBiggrin.

(10-08-2009, 07:38 AM)jesalvein Wrote:
Quote:PCSX2 Maetel 4.5

No support for unofficial builds.

Yes i know but other version i try is official -0.9.6 ,r1888,r1922 and the problem is same.

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