Game shark or action replay?
I was wondering is there any sort of cheats with this like other emulators have? i have a gameshark rom, but I don't know hot to get the emulator to let me change disks >.> is there a gameshark plug in or something similar xD? , anyone have a cheat table for FFXII NTSC version?

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if you want to change disks then use cdvdGigahertz. Smile, and i don't think there's a gameshark plugin. Tongue
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
you can use pnatch files ,there's a sticky with some codes for the games and another thread explaining how they work

if you also can run the gameshark by the elf file only , you can use it to launch the gameshark and have the cd you want already in
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Or you can add the gameshark code manually. Go to Misc -> Patch Browser... click on Add GS2v3-4. Copy paste the code you want and hit Convert then Add. Note: You have to re-enter the codes every time you exit the emulator. Also, not all gameshark codes work. Basically, avoid the "Have all..." and the "Press...for..." codes. Those tend to crash the emulator.

I would just do what Akaruz said and make a pnach file of the codes. It will load the codes automatically. Here's the link for it:
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