Game slow but no bottleneck
SOCOM 2 runs slow but doesnt seem to be a bottleneck. The stats say that nor CPU or GPU are nearly as maxed out. The game in the screenshot runs at 25 fps, but it can go down to 15. I use vulkan, 3x res but its the same with 1x, and agressive CRC hacks. Balanced conf in the general settings. 
I have tried with EE cyclerate down to 33% and max to 300%, and skipping to 3. The only thing that seems to work is EE cyclerate at 33% but only a bit, it just keep slowing down.
Other games that ran slow always maxed out my computer, but this one I dont understand.
Is there a way to fix this and make it run smooth?


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cpu is struggling.
did you enable MTVU speedhack ?
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1st, just because your CPU isn't maxed, doesn't mean anything. The emulator doesn't use all the cores available on your CPU, so you're not going to see the performance get maxed out. 2nd, your CPU has a single thread performance rating of about 2037. That's pretty weak. They recommend a minimum of about 2000-2100 for simple games (usually non 3D games) and up to 2100-2300 for the more demanding games. Personally I've seen some games require up to 2400 to run smoothly. So you can try using the MTVU speedhack, but if that doesn't work, then ultimately you're just going to need to get a more powerful CPU
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