Game stoppage
In final fantasy XII and kingdom hearts, i cant watch cutscenese/load at certain points

EG: i watch a cut scene on ffxii, and the emulation has got all the infomation it needs, but once the cut scene is over, it wont load the next bit.
so far i've delt with this by skipping them, but now im on kingdom hearts, i cant get past awakening

i kill the first boss, but the emulation has got all the info it needs, so im stuck with sora having shadows cover his big blue eyes.

to put it simply, its like on a normal ps2, where you watch a cut scene and take the disk out, so it cant load.

is there a way to force read, or if not skip on kingdom hearts (i find no option to skip as of yet)

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FFXII has these issues with MTGS enabled,if you disable it on cutscenes you will get worse framerates but it will not crash.
About Kingdom Hearts,that is a known issue with the release version too.To get around it,just lose in the first boss battle (you don't have to win,it's the same thing).
OR you can use the beta or playground versions which have this issue resolved
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Cheers man, this is like, the best forum ever. You can acctually get help Tongue

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