Game video stopped working
Hey there guys, i'm trying to run an ISO of Dragonball Z Infinite World. It has worked previously (though i haven't played the actual game on the emulator yet) but now it won't work. It loads the ISO or virtual drive as normal, the game appears to be working, it's just that nothing is visible. It's a pure black screen. There are sounds however.

When i run it, this shows up on the bottom of the screen that constantly feeds code information:

GSdx: m_merge is NULL!

Does that help at all?

EDIT: I just changed to Direct 3D9 Hardware as opposed to Direct 3D 11 hardware, and i have video back. If there are other solutions, let me know, but hopefully this will at least help others if they run into a similar issue.

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U can check

Config>Emulation Settings>GS

under this tab if the uncheck the "Disable GS output......."

if it is checked.

I hope this helps Laugh

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