Game wont save after the final boss
I've been playing Legaia 2 and just beat the boss but when I wait out the credits the games doesn't save and puts me back to my latest save point. I really enjoy playing games after to do all the other side stuff so I was wondering if there is any way to be able to play after the final boss.

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Dual Saga does not have a new game plus mode, that game does have a reasonable amount of side quests for you to do before you beat the final boss though. The Arena is one (but give you only so so prizes for repeated victories) and the hunter's guild end game quests are some of the most interesting battles (harder and imho funner then the final boss). Also there is a 100 fight challenge (forgot the name) in the land of the giants that takes preparation, skill, and before save states a really trustworthy power provider.

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