Game works in PCSX2 but in slow motion !
Game works in PCSX2 but in slow motion !

Game : SmackDown vs Raw 2011

[Image: mVOF1.png]

[Image: 13544836797.png]

Here is my pc info

[Image: 13544837941.png]

[Image: 13544837945.png]

[Image: 13544840052.png]

What should i do ?! Sad
i can't play

Thank You!

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The CPU is a tad weak, the GPU is a lot weak and that game is know for being demanding and troublesome. A bad combination.

You can try speedhacks (from Config -> Emulation settings).

Emulation demand on the machine depends a lot on the game being played. Some games are just too demanding even for the most powerful machine of today.
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Thank you " nosisab Ken Keleh " for help.
but can you give me a screen with speedhacks configuration because i don't know what i have to do ?
Enable all recommended speedhacks + vucycle stealing =1 & ee cycle rate = 2
But dont expect miracles even with those settings.
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GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Better yet, from that same Config -> Emulation Settings, go to Game Fixes and at the window's bottom you should see a little box "Presets" try them starting from the less Aggressive to the most. If still not enough, sorry but that machine is just too weak to play that game, I fear.

Many games will benefit from you playing in software mode (since the GPU is the main bottleneck there), but I'm not sure it would help in this particular case.

As final recommendation, make sure the power plan in "Power Option" is "Performance" while playing games in PCSX2, remember to return it to what it was before to spare the battery.

Good Luck. Even if not achieving a playable experience with that game, another less demanding game may work there.

PS: "Power Options" is accessible from Windows Control Panel.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Thank you both , it works fine now Smile Thank you guys <3

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