GameDB and logging
Hello, where can you find what settings GameDB is applying for the game that's being emulated?

Is there a way to save graphs from the emulated engines and cores with FPS from within PCSX2 or what program could be used for that (in Steam OS preferably)?

Is the log automatically saved after playing a game? 

Does using different shaders make the game possibly run better?

Also big thank you to everybody involved in creating and maintaining PCSX2  Blush

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To find the settings GameDB is applying for the game being emulated, you can go to "Config" and then "Emulation Settings". Under the "GS" tab, you will find the options that GameDB has applied. As for saving graphs with FPS, you can use software like MSI Afterburner or FRAPS to overlay an FPS counter on top of the game and record gameplay footage with the counter visible. The log file is automatically saved after playing a game and can be found in the "Logs" folder in the PCSX2 directory. Using different shaders can potentially make the game run better or worse, depending on the hardware and the game being emulated. It's worth experimenting with different settings to find what works best for you. And yes, a big thank you to everyone involved in creating echat and maintaining PCSX2!

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