GameFAQ Saves to PCSX2 MemoryCards
Originally posted schattenberg88 on NGemu,whom we thank.

Creating Game Saves For PCSX2 6th Revision

Credits: "BCM124" 1st revision, GiGaHeRz for letting me use the ISO file, "cyclonmaster" (for helping others), "Gilgamesh" (for helping others), and “Schattenberg88” creation of this guide (6th Revision)

Converting saves from a PS3 to PCSX2 is possible, please read this link:

Converting saves from your PS2 to PCSX2:

A)You must have a PCSX2 PS2 formatted memcard. You can do this from the Browser screen in the BIOS, or you can download the formattedmemcards.7z from this post and extract it in your memcards folder.

B)Boot.ELF and PS2 Save Builder are located in the memcardsave.RAR file

C)Most corrupt files are either due to the site hosting a bad file, closing the emulator before it could finish copying the save(s) over, or a bug in the emulator.

D)Free Program to create ISO's: Imgburn.

E)You will need 7-zip to open the .7z files in this post

  1. Please read all above information before starting.

  2. Format your Memory Card in PCSX2. If you need help, follow CKemu's BIOS Guide, or download the formatted blank memory cards (formattedmemcards.7z) from the attached files below.

  3. Find the game you want from GameFAQs, CodeBreaker, Gameshark, and download the save file. In this tutorial I am using a Kingdom Hearts Save.

  4. Open PS2 Save Builder.

  5. Click Open, and then locate your save file that you just downloaded.

  6. Remember the “root/ID” Number.

  7. Now Create a folder containing that number.

  8. Back in the PS2 Save Builder, Highlight all the “File Names,” right click and tell it “Extract”.

  9. Find the folder you just created, and tell it save. You should now have the save files in the folder.

  10. If you want to do more saves, then now is the time. Repeat above steps.

  11. Now close PS2 Save builder.

  12. Open any CD Burner Program, Put the folder on the CD and create an ISO containing that folder. You can do this by opening Imgburn, clicking 'Create image file from files/folders, dragging and dropping your folder and finally clicking 'Build'

    (Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BURN A DISC, also you can add more than one folder to the ISO. I recommend "ImgBurn").

  13. Now Put the ISO in the same folder as Boot.elf. (Just makes life easier)

  14. Now Open PCSX2 .

  15. Set the Graphics plugin to GSdx or any other plugin you wish to use.

  16. Set the Sound to any plug-in.

  17. Go to CDVD->ISO selector and browse to the ISO you created. (SAVE.ISO is what we are using here)

  18. Click Open

  19. Now go to Misc->Show Console in case it is disabled (This is what you look at to make sure the save transfers correctly.)

  20. Go to System->Run ELF...

  21. Locate Boot.elf and open it

  22. If you get an Error Message. Just click “OK” and continue.

  23. Press any key assigned to the controller. I prefer pressing “Select,”

  24. Under “DEFAULT” tell it Edit

  25. Scroll down to “MISC” and tell it “OK”

  26. Select File Browser, and tell it “OK”

  27. Select “OK” again at the bottom of the screen

  28. Press Down, Select “Default: FileBrowser,” and Press “OK”

  29. Go to “CDFS” and tell it “OK”

  30. Locate the file you created titled ex: “BASLUS-20370-02” (Could be different)

  31. Select it, but don’t click “OK”

  32. If you have more save files, Press “X” to “Mark” the file and keep doing that. Once done press “R1,” Select “Copy,” and tell it “OK.”

  33. Go up one level, by pressing “Triangle”

  34. Select “mc0:/” or “mc1:/”and tell it “OK”

  35. Press “R1” and tell it “Paste.”

  36. This should take a while. So please wait a couple minutes. Once you’re done, you have a memory card with save files!

Attached Files
.7z   formattedmemcards.7z (Size: 3,29 KB / Downloads: 24.494)
.7z   Creating Save Games - PDF.7z (Size: 204,9 KB / Downloads: 10.010)
.7z   Creating Save Games - Word.7z (Size: 189,7 KB / Downloads: 6.891)
.rar   memcardsave.rar (Size: 244,09 KB / Downloads: 26.638)
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Thanks Bositman for adding this guide to this forum too.

I really don't want this to turn into a requesting fest, but may it continue to be just as helpful to all who use it!

I shall be making updates to the guide soon, and will let you all know once I'm finished.
How do I move the memory card files back?
(12-18-2008, 02:15 PM)Daykeras Wrote: How do I move the memory card files back?
As I understand it you can't do that.

The emulated PS2 can read CDVD ISOs/Discs, which allows it to import gamesaves from those media to the virtual memory card files using the Copy+Paste operations of LaunchELF.

But the emulated PS2 does not have access to any writable media which can be accessed by the PC, so exporting gamesaves from the emulator to the real world by similar methods is not possible.

What we really need is an enhanced memory card manager, which can not only select a memory card as a whole unit, like the current one does, but which can also access the gamesaves such a card contains in a meaningful manner, compatible to how it is done in emulation.

Then it would be possible to directly import and export gamesaves to and from ".ps2" files without running any extra tools, either on the PC or on the emulated PS2.

Another neat solution would be if someone could write a working USB_mass plugin, so that LaunchELF (or uLaunchELF up to v3.79) can be used to copy files and folders between the emulated MCs and that "mass:" device.

Best regards: dlanor
I don't really need it to be read by a ps2. My goal is to just get the save game back. At that point I can convert it and put it on gamefaqs, or I can put it back on my ps2 with a memory management system, or put it on my ps3.

Can someone perhaps point me to a person who might be able to help me split the memory card file apart into saves, or to whomever has a beta of the USB_mass plugin, or something similar.
(12-18-2008, 02:15 PM)Daykeras Wrote: How do I move the memory card files back?
Yeah you can move them back, I just recently transfered my save for Ar tonelico: Memory of Elemia from PCSX2 to my PS2. In a nutshell:

Use myMC to extract the save from PCSX2 memory card to whatever format you need.

Edit: Oh one small note: In my case myMC complained that my PCSX2 memcard had some sort of error, I fixed this by making a new blank PCSX2 memcard, booting PCSX2 into BIOS, formatting the new card, and using the BIOS browser to copy my save from the "invalid" card to the new one. Then opened the new one in myMC and it worked fine.

Where you go from there depends on what you want to do with the save. Transferring it to a real PS2 for example requires either some sort of cheat disc, or a modded PS2. For me I exported the save from myMC as .psu, transferred it to my softmodded PS2 on a thumb drive, and imported it via uLaunchElf 4.30. As I recall myMC can only export the saves to .psu or .max files, if you need some other format then you should be able to further convert it with ps2savebuilder.

I hope this was useful.

Edit: I have written a basic tutorial on using myMC that you can find here.
Is there an easy way to run a Gamefaqs save on the PS Emulator? Like just renaming the file or something =\
Uhh no,that's why this thread exists....?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hmm, The Editor doesnt work for me, There's no root/ID, and the amount of time it took me to get the emulator working sortof smoothly means I dont want to touch another option again Sad

It's not letting me even save a game at the moment, even with the fresh formatted memory cards.

There needs to be an easier way Smile
Hmm, why not just use mymc?

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