Gamepad Connection issue
My gamepad won't registered as connected it says it's [Detached]. It was working fine yesterday and it works fine in many other games and emulators is there a setting i may have wrong or something? I tried unplugging and plugging it back in and into different slots, i've also tried restarting my computer and even redownloading PCSX2 and I still am having this issue any help would be great thanks.

EDIT: heres a picture provided of my settings.

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Make sure the switch on the back of the gamepad is set to D (DirectInput) and not X (xinput) also it may be necessary to close and restart PCSX2 after you plug/unplug the gamepad.
Apparently the problem was that the gamepad decided to switch what it was called its now called logitech dual action instead of DX controller.

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